Words of encouragement go a long way and are necessary ingredients in the recipe for a fulfilling life.

Food Blogging is My Love Language!

Join me in my love of food & family! Recipes that feel like words of encouragement. A food blog that feels like home.

Hello there!


Life can take over. Allow me to fill your cup with some Jesus and recipes that make your belly warm and your burden a little lighter. A food blog that takes time to shower you and your family with words of encouragement. Let's get back to life with fresh, delicious meals and connection at the dinner table.

Picky Eaters?

Your kitchen isn't a restaurant or a cafeteria. Dinner time would be so much nicer with less ordering and more enjoying! Find things everyone at the table will love!

Not a Great Cook?

I love to cook and truly believe everyone can cook with a little effort and some great recipes. I am here to share the recipes, shortcuts and skills I have gathered on my food journey. So join me and we can do this together! We can share words of encouragement at my kitchen table. Not your average food blog.

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